You deserve to feel
at home in your body

“To suffer is the most human of conditions, but so too is to heal.” – Chani Nicholas

You deserve to feel safe, powerful, and confident in your skin.

You deserve to experience the freedom of
unrestrained joy and pleasure.

You deserve to do more than just survive.

You deserve to heal and thrive.


Hello! I’m Solana (they/them/theirs).

I’m a somatic healer, sensual movement guide, and embodiment coach, here to empower you on your journey of self-healing. It is my passion and my purpose to help you release your trauma, reconnect to your body, and reclaim your power.

My healing practice is holistic, politicized, trauma-informed, and body positive. I strive to center and affirm the experiences of sexual violence survivors, sex workers, BIPOC, queer, trans, disabled, ace-spec, kinky, poly, and other marginalized folx—though I welcome survivors of all identities and backgrounds.

While much of my work is done through holding space for individuals, I recognize that trauma healing and societal change are interdependent. My approach to somatic work addresses both the systemic roots of trauma and embodied experiences of oppression; and I believe each person’s healing is a catalyst for collective transformation and liberation.

Let’s get started.